Sunday, December 30, 2007

Roland Young's Rissoles

No need to look so worried Roland, we LOVED your rissoles. Left over turkey never tasted so good. It also gave Ginger the opportunity to crack her, "I'll be round like a rissole" joke.

Grace and I tucked into the rissoles with delicious caper & anchovy sauce whilst discussing our favourite subject - relationships. Heady from a night rolling around with Charlie Chaplin there was much to debate. We decided that we don't really know what we DO want from a man but we certainly know what we DON'T want.

Looks like we are both headed into the New Year with a clean slate. Or fairly clean slate - just a few penciled in possibilities, Charlie C for Grace and the artist, the cabbie and the social worker for me...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Adolphe Menjou's Venetian Spiced Cheese version 3

Adolphe's spicy cheese is becoming quite a house speciality. Grace requested it for our Christmas shindig it so it was rustled up. How she manages to make two types of potato salad, some mackerel pate and a bundle of cheese & chorizo puffs in the same amount of time it takes me to mash up some cream cheese I will never know. However, when I overheared William saying, "these are the most delicious things ever" about my Venetian Cheese stuffed Pepperdews I was full of foolish pride.

It was party night at number 43 yesterday and it was a lovely festive occasion. Everyone did a party piece and much fun was had. I gave gifts of Bette Davis Mamalade to Myrna & William, the Stockabilly and Dick. Even though beautifully wrapped in tissue paper nobody was fooled. "Is it a jar of jam?" two of them asked immediately. Well yes, sort of...

The year is drawing to a close and to paraphrase Julian Maclaren-Ross it was a year I could have well done without. Well, the job stuff and the men stuff I could have done without. Everything else has been fabulous. Still, good things ahead in 2008. A new job from the 6th Jan and a clear slate man wise. Oh, apart from the cabbie who lives up the road...