Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Janet Gaynor's Ice Box Cookies

Much excitement in the Silver Screen Silver camp as I'm off to a big dinner party at the home of Gladys tonight. There will be not one, not two but three other celeb chefs there too. EEK. I am taking some Ice Box Cookies all wrapped up in cellophane as party favours...

Also this week we had a lovely piece on the Sassy Minx website - here is a link:

and I will try and put a button on the side bar too.


I'll be sending out the list of 100 stars and recipes that we plan to feature in the Silver Screen Suppers book at the end of the week to anyone who fancies testing one for us. Your name will appear in the acknowledgments so drop me an email at if you'd like to give one a whirl. A tiny taste of fame can be yours, and you'll get to sprinkle some stardust around your kitchen as you eat like the stars!


pjb said...

Nice interview... good luck with the dinner party!

Polly Farthing said...

Ice box cookies sound yummy! Hope the dinner party goes well and have a lovely time! Polly x

Matthew Coniam said...

I'll probably have a bash at mine at the weekend - I'll keep you posted!