Thursday, August 13, 2009

Carole Lombard's Cherry Tart

“You ought to see the map for my face in the Makeup Department.
It looks like a landscape of the moon.”

I've been dying to post this amazing picture of La Lombard for ages and now I get my chance. Dorothy over at the British Film Institue made Carole's Cherry Pie on Sunday for her housemates. I won't say what she wrote on the feedback form about spitting cherry pips and the French, but by all accounts the pie was quite a hit. We may have to tinker with the sugar measurements though as like my pa, a couple of the housemates found the pie a little too sweet.

I do like the reasoning behind Dorothy's selection of her film star persona for the blog - she says, that just like La Lamour, it is her dream to be torn between the love of two song and dance men.

By the way, if you are a fan of Carole Lombard and you haven't paid a visit to I heartily recommend it. My current favourite film star website.


aguass said...

Cool pic!
BTW, I tried to enter the carolelombard site you recommended but I think the url is wrong...maybe is .org instead of .com?

Love your blog :)

Lya de Putti said...

Oh my stars you are absolutely right! Thanks for pointing that out, I have fixed it.

And thanks for the compliment, it's a fun thing to do!