Friday, June 23, 2006

Helen Twelvetrees' Wakimoli Salad

"Between pictures I go away. I think that is the best way to achieve happiness in Hollywood, the only way to keep one's perspective. If you stay too close to the motion picture colony you lose your sense of values."

Oooh the ladies did enjoy Helen's Wakimoli. It was like Guacamole only even nicer. Because it had the devil of all condiments – MAYONNAISE - in it. Mmm. We scoffed the lot between three of us with tortilla chips whilst showing off our knowledge of boyspeak football style. There was talk of “set pieces” and “body memory” and even one mention of a “nutmeg”.

The only downside of the Wakimoli was that next morning I felt as though I’d been the victim of that stage hypnotist’s trick where they make you eat a whole onion by telling you it is an apple...


Snake Eyed Sid said...

You ladeez< you know the passion of the night, remember the good times we enjoyed when the Fuel Pontoon was closed and we found ourselves weighing anchor at Dino's Bar and Grill? The drink flowed and the blood was spilled, and you let us fight, because the boys were back in town. As I pen these words, they@ve just called time on slopping out and the bare walls seem smaller than the eight foot by five they are. In a few minutes Razor Raddicio will return and yet again I shall have to offer up my innocence for a share of some snout and grout. Never has the sweet thought of Helen Twelvetrees and her Wakimoli salad seemed sweeter and yet so far away> One day I shall be free of this pit of despair and once more will I wallow in the warm embrace of your muffins warm from your holy of holys. Until then, may your cherries bloom and your treasure boxes glitter.

Helen Twelvetrees said...

I'm tired of taking the blame if the picture wasn't good. A star's years on the screen are limited. The featured players have many years. A star has too much footage in the picture. It seems to me I'm the perpetually pure-at-heart street-walker, always drooping over bars while some director says, 'Now, Helen, you must be very sweet about this naughty line. Remember, you haven't the faintest idea what it means!