Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Richard Arlen's Mexican Chili Con Carne

"Some people are just nice guys and nothing, not even Hollywood,

can change it."

I LOVE Richard Arlen and mainly because I made his Chili Con Carne last night and it was quite honestly the most delicious Chili I have ever eaten outside of Texas! Despite the fact that I made a schoolgirl error thinking that "3 Red Peppers" were the kind of peppers that also come in green and orange and yellow over here (Bell Peppers to those across the pond) and having to use the STAR's squeezy tube of pre-prepared chili when I realised my mistake...

Shame there was nobody there to see the comedy moment when I ate my first mouthful. I could have been on a cheesy commercial doing the bit before the "pack shot" where there is a close up of a "oh my goodness this is absolutely delicious" look. It was a big surprise as there are so few ingredients for such a splendid taste. I think the secret is the Worcestershire Sauce and flour combo added near the end. Bravo Richard.

Sunny days in London are adding to my current sunny demeanor. I am learning "I Wanna Be Loved By You" on the ukulele and have some fun DJing dates on the horizon. The cooking is picking up momentum and the love life is tickety-bo. I am making the most of everything...

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