Monday, January 15, 2007

Cary Grant's Steak a la Victor Hugo

"You're just a bunch of molecules until you know who you are."

I'm trying to work it out Cary, honestly I am...

So the double boiler was put to its second use of the weekend - attempting for a second time to make the weirdo sauce that TWO stars have published as a favourite recipe. It didn't work this time either...

CURDLING seems to be my problem. Both the custard and the sauce came out as a kind of semolina textured gloop. Perhaps, as with Claudette, gentleness is the key. I'll have another go sometime. I'm sure that the sauce would be mighty fine - especially as it has a tonne of horseradish in it - but it needs to have a smooth saucy texture rather than being like porridge.

Anyhow, in proper Silver Screen Suppers fashion I watched "An Affair to Remember" with my steak and porridge. Deborah Kerr was wearing some cool frocks I must say. And of course, I did shed a tear when the wheelchair was brought out. However, I liked her better as a sassy blonde in the film I watched later that evening, "From Here to Eternity". Where is the Montgomery Clift recipe I say?

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