Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fred MacMurray's Holland Brioche Cakes

"A cowboy actor needs two changes of expression - hat on and hat off."

Funnily enough I was just in the process of buying myself a self-tipping cowboy hat on Second Life when Max arrived on Sunday morning bearing a gift of two Brioche. They were a joy to behold on the breakfast table - beautiful plump little Birthday Brunch Brioche for Grace.

The spirit of bartering is alive and well in Walthamstow. When I bumped into Max at the Turkish supermarket a while back and loaned him the money for some basil I remembered he'd been given Brioche pans for Christmas. I asked if he would be a test chef for Fred's recipe and lo and behold they appeared. They were absolutely delicious. Another winner from Fred. Hmm, wonder if I could ask Max to rustle up some other numbers - I seem to have stalled somewhat.

I blame Mr Sombrero Delay who is turning out to be rather a pot sticker...

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