Monday, March 10, 2008

Mary Philbin's Brown Betty

Just back from a long weekend in Avebury. Sharing a fabulous little cottage in the churchyard with Ginger, Grace, William, Cary and Jack. Much alcohol consumed and great feasts cooked up.

On Saturday night I spent a very calm couple of hours in the kitchen with Cary. He prepared a banquet of roast pork with sweet & sour onions and more vegetables than you would expect possible in a small cottage kitchen. I happily peeled and sliced many apples then layered them all up with breadcrumbs and cinammon sugar. William made the custard.

Cary is a very concentrated cook. Not much banter in the kitchen which I found very meditative. I liked the fact that Jack kept referring to the pudding as "Big Betty" after which each time we sung a few chorus lines , "Oh, Big Betty Bamalam, Oh, Big Betty Bamalam, Big Betty had a child, Bamalam etc..."

Tomorrow - Paris!

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