Monday, June 01, 2009

Marion Martin's Peanut and Bacon Bouchees

"Ducky Wucky"

Well I knew as soon as I spotted the pics for Marion that she was a bit of a one. Love the fact that her nickname was The Blonde Menace. I am desperate to see her in Queen of Burlesque which has the tagline "Thrills and Tears of Backstage Queens - to the Rhythm of Gay Music!" That's either got to be really really good, or really really bad...

Her little Silver Screen Snackettes were very tasty. I used some pancetta that I had left over from a salad and Rosalind declared that she liked the combination of "crispiness and fat". We had two each before I met up with Sidney for some beers and a snooze in St James' Park.


Lolita said...

I just read about this blog at Matthew Coniam's - I can't believe I haven't run into it before! Anyway, things are cleared out now: I've put Silver Screen Suppers on my blog list and will follow it from now on! (And I look forward to a book, I will see to it that I have it next to my Hollywood Cocktails book!)

Lya de Putti said...

Hi Lolita - how fabulous to have a follower in Sweden. Love your blogs, can only read one of them of course but loved seeing Asta anyhow!

Been trying to persuade the publisher of Hollywood Cocktails to publish ours as a companion - but so far no luck!

Lya x

Mistress Absolute said...

Well thank you very much for Rudolph's chicken recipe. It was a big hit for my romantic dinner.
The movietone news blog is very good. It reveals how passionate you are about these treasures. I'm glad to hear Sidney has not "skedaddled." More jigsaw fiddling for two... Peanut & Bacon is a unusal combination. Will you email me Marion's recipe so I can try it out. Looking forward to your book, let me know when I can get a copy.
Mistress x

Lya de Putti said...

So glad the chicken turned out well, it's a good one for romance I agree!

Recipe for Marion's little Silver Screen Supper Snackettes on the way to you very soon! Lya x