Friday, February 12, 2010

Jean Harlow's Celery a la Shrimp

Jean looks a bit like how I feel at the moment - a bit haggared... I've had a shocking cold all week and will be going on date 4 with the New Yorker sporting a cold sore as big as Texas. Shame. I will try and orchestrate it so that he sits on my left for the whole evening!

Anyhow, I'm getting back in to blogging the results of the test cooking as there seems to be no time at all at the moment to cook myself. Roxie reported AGES ago that she'd made Jean's celery dish for a dinner party. Her guests all enjoyed it and the general consensus was that it was a perfect starter as it is both flavoursome and light. The paprika was considered to be the perfect twist and livened the dish up. Final verdict? "The receipe was elegant and simple - if there were more flavours on the plate it would confuse your palate and spoil the dish." So it's a winner!


Moya said...

So glad Jean's a winner--I screened Red Headed Woman yesterday and she is a delight.

Excited that you are on date no. 4 with the New Yorker. Fingers crossed! These New York boys are actually very nice--mine is a keeper.

I hope you feel better soon.

Frank Black said...

Thanks for listing our blog!

Lya de Putti said...

Thanks Moya - didn't know that you were going out with a New Yorker - this one sure is keeping me amused! And thanks Frank for your thanks! Spreading the love around on Valentine's Day x

Anonymous said...
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