Friday, April 23, 2010

Janet Gaynor's Ice Box Cookies

Oh what FUN it was to be on Market Kitchen! They had cooked up 4 dishes to be sampled but I was so nervous I didn't take a bite of any of them! Alex James from Blur was on the show too and my favourite moment was seeing the look of horror on his face when he cut into one of Joan Crawford's Creamed White Onions in a Red Pepper Cup - ha ha! I admit, it didn't look very appetising!

Everyone working on the show was adorable. I got to sit in front of one of those mirrors surrounded by lightbulbs to have my hair and make-up done. Blusher! I haven't worn that since the 80s! Matthew Fort interviewed me and was absolutely charming. He got a few classic film quotes in and it was a fun chit-chat. I can barely remember what I said because it all went by in a flash, but I do remember ranting on about imagining Marlene Dietrich playing the musical saw while she waited for her Banana Nut Bread to cook!

I made a batch of the good old JGIBCs and gave some out to all the lovely folk who worked on the show. TX date will be Friday May 7th at 7pm on the Good Food Channel with repeats on Saturday. Can't wait!


Matthew Coniam said...

Oh I'd so love to see this!
For those of us who, unbelievable as it may seem, lack access to the Good Food Channel, is there going to be any other way of seeing it? Are you techno-savvy enough to post the relevant extracts on-site?
Also, if you are now in with the powers-that-be over at GFC, any chance you could encourage them to rerun 'Cooking Price-Wise With Vincent Price'??? (Perhaps bribe them with a few of Cary Grant's tuna pies or something...)

Lya de Putti said...

tee hee - they have promised me a DVD of the show after it has gone out and I will ask someone with technical knowhow to help me bung it on the web somehow. I can imagine I will look and sound like Janet Street Porter on qualudes but we shall see! You've reminded me that I was having a conversation with someone at the bfi a while ago about Vincent Price's cooking show... Will resume the conversation! Have you got a copy of his CD cookery radio show? It ROCKS!

addie said...

A cooking show, hosted by Vincent Price? Jeez, he really was a renaissance man!

Matthew Coniam said...

No I most certainly ain't! How does one obtain such treasure?

Lya de Putti said...

I am pleased to say that you can get them here - - you are going to LOVE IT!!! I got them on CD via ebay too - try looking for the Beverley Hills Cookbook - enjoy!