Monday, September 28, 2009

Paulette Goddard's Creamed Sprouts

"You don't have to be a Freud to know that the most fascinating
person in the world- actors or anybody - is yourself."

'ave a banana!

Paulette is one of those stars that we REALLY want to feature in the book but hasn't furnished us with a very inspiring recipe. In fact, the Creamed Sprouts is only recipe we have for Paulette, originally featured in an advertising booklet for Daricraft - a brand of evaporated milk.

Even for someone who counts sprouts as one of her three favourite vegetables (me), this recipe doesn't really tickle my tastebuds. However, Dale out in Austin made these as part of the Star Spangled Rhythm party and reported that her guests did enjoy them. She's a natty cook though and added a few items to joosh up the recipe including breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese and thyme. Actually, now I fancy some!

I mentioned recently that my book group is reading "Me Cheeta" the spoof Hollywood biography. I am NOT recommending this to my blog readers because it is far too rude. I particularly objected to his salacious description of Paulette's behaviour at a Hollywood party. The author is denigrating my idols! Nasty man!


Matthew Coniam said...

I love that picture of Paulette with her suggestive banana. We actually have it framed on the wall over here at Chez Movietone.
I've been wondering for some time whether or not to get the Cheetah book - all in all, you say no, then...
Sorry for the inexcusable delay in getting our feedback to you - it's coming I promise...

Lya de Putti said...

It sure is a fab pic.

I would be FASCINATED to hear what you think about the Cheetah book. Maybe I am just getting prudish in my old age...

No worries regarding feedback, this project is going to run and run - and I'm late with yours on Eve's Film Review too. Why is life so BUSY?!