Sunday, October 04, 2009

Joan Bennett's Beetroot Salad

I have found the cigarette pen that Ruthie and I had so much fun posing with in her jeep, pretending to be smokers, and also the fabulous cowboy hat ashtray she gave me. So now I really feel my dressing table is complete. When I was walking through the park that is a stone's throw from my new place this morning I felt a sudden surge of happiness. I am truly in the right place for me, right now.

Tonight I will have an evening of self-indulgence. I shall make Joan's Beetroot Salad and watch her and James Mason in The Reckless Moment. I haven't seen this for over 20 years and am intrigued to see if the scene that has stuck in my mind ever since is just as I remembered it.

Joan Bennett is dragging a body along a beach wearing the most divine sunglasses ever. The thing I remember about the scene (apart from the accessories) is the absence of music. It was such a dramatic moment and it seemed all the more ghoulish because all that was on the soundtrack was the sound of Joan's efforts to get rid of some evidence... We shall see.


Moya said...

Was it really that long ago? Enjoy your new place--I am so pleased you are in such a good place, metaphorically and literally.

Joan is pretty amazing. You should also hunt out Woman on the Beach--the Renoir film that seems like a Fritz Lang.

I'm also glad I'm not the only one to remember the clothing and accessories in favorite movies!

Anonymous said...

When is your book coming out?

Lya de Putti said...

Thanks Moya, bizarrely (as my memory is terrible) the scene was pretty much as I remembered it. Although there is no music, the sound is of the wind and the waves. Eerie. James Mason is rather scrumptious in it. A bad boy...

Will definitely check out Woman on the Beach. I'm suprised you didn't mention Scarlet Street!

And in rely to Anonymous - hopefully October 2010.