Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lupe Velez's Tamale Pie

“The first time you buy a house you think how pretty it is
and sign the check. The second time you look to see
if the basement has termites.

It's the same with men.”

I am loving that hat Lupe!

Well, I failed in my attempt to make the Velez Pie last night, the filling was all done and in the fridge and I was going to cook up the cornmeal for the base and top but copious amount of booze waylaid me. My new landlord insisted on pouring me two very large glasses of wine and singing me several songs (he is Welsh).

Luckily, I have a report of this recipe being made Stateside by Ruthie's brother's wife's mum. What relation therefore she is to Ruth I am not quite sure, but it was very kind of her to test the recipe for us. The verdict? Sis-in-law proclaimed it DELICIOUS and we received a hilarious photo of little Spanky in his high chair chowing down on some. The youngest participant in the project since Baby Peggy! Hoorah!

I may get around to making the pie on Sunday but I have to admit, cornmeal gives me the fear - especially now I have found out that it is the same entity as Polenta...


Moya said...

Tamales are good--seriously better than polenta. Let us know how this turns out!

Lya de Putti said...

Oh gadzooks! I was going to chicken out of making it, but now I'll have to do it! Thanks for twisting my arm, I shall be giving it a go later today!

Moya said...

How did it taste? I'm eager to hear. I think I should volunteer to test cook some recipes as soon as I finish the book (which is imminent).