Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Margaret Sullavan's Peanut Butter Hermits

"This little box makes you candy conscious!"

So said Margaret (in The Shop Around the Corner) to a rather hefty customer who didn't like the song a particular music box played when the lid was open. Margaret's sales patter was to suggest that every time the lady opened the box to get another chocolate, she'd be reminded of the sin she was about to commit!

As discussed here before, Margaret's Hermits are pretty sinful. Not for those on a diet... My lovely (and very knowleagable) work colleage Renee made some of these despite not having baked for about 20 years since Home Economics at school. As we are not in the vacinity of Graham Crackers, Ms Adoree used crushed up digestive biscuits. This will be suggested in the book. As I am planning a trip to Austin soon (top secret) I will bring back some Graham Crackers and try both versions side by side and have a taste test.

I do love it when test cooks send a photo of their finished items and when I get around to jazzing up the website I'll have a page for these. Renee's pic of her Hermits was utterly charming and she was very pleased with the results saying, "I may even attempt the recipe again and perhaps feel confident enough to let others try my cooking!'

I say YES my dear, and bring them into the office!


Moya said...

Graham crackers really are a lot like digestives (although digestives are better). I hope you have fun in Austin--next time you come to NYC, let me know. Guess who is here right now? Harry!

Lya de Putti said...

Give my BIG LOVE to Harry - is she still wearing stripey t-shirts? Is she still bottle blonde?! Jx

Moya said...

She's not wearing stripey t-shirts alas, but she has a nifty line in little nipped in jackets and box pleated miniskirts. She's as lovely as ever--I sent her your love--and her hair is a more moderate highlighted blonde these days!

Lya de Putti said...

Oh fabulous. Mini-skirts - superb, I was wondering if I was of the age where I should think twice about wearing those but if Harry is, I shall!

Moya said...

Wear miniskirts! I do all the time. I bet you'll look fabulous in them.