Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Claudette Colbert's Claudette Colbert Cake

I've been putting off testing this as it looked like a bit of a challenge. It was, but it was worth it! Basically I made a Rita Hayworth's Angel Cake then followed Claudette's instructions for fancifying it with home made lemon curd filling and lemony frosting. Oh YUMSKI as my French colleague Marie-Agathe put it.

We've had a lovely redhead rockabilly girl working with us for a couple of months and she's such a peach I decided to make the cake for her last day. What a success it was. Everyone piled up to the mezzanine waiting for their slice - it was gone in a flash! I decorated it with little pink sprinkles and some mini eggs to make it look Eastery. A BIG success!

And by the way, I hereby award test cook Miss Dorothy an internet MEDAL for making this for an event at the Cinema Museum. It is the most time consuming cake I have ever made so bravo Ms D over there at the British Film Institute.


Anonymous said...


What a lovely surprise for a rockabilly girl. Never before have I been given such a serious cake.... I am now fully converted to the naughtier side of the lemon-hood.
It's a very rich, perfectly moist cake, and if it wasn't so sugary you may need a little nap after a large slice. The sponge was nice and bouncy, offsetting the layers of thick lemon-curd-heaven sandwiched between. I would recommend this cake, not only to those leaving a workplace, but to all lemon fans around the world! Its unusual that you taste such rich delicacy on a Wednesday morning. Thanks Jenny.x

Moya said...

This cake sounded so good my mouth watered while reading your post. What a shame I'm not allowed to eat cake right now. I'd have asked for the recipe otherwise... :(

I have to second the love for lemon cake.

Lya de Putti said...

No cake Moya?! What is this! Lent?!

We will miss you Ms Rockabilly Redhead! x

Moya said...

I'll fill you in on why no cake in an email--no chocolate, coffee, alcohol, ice cream, sweets, biscuits either. I have a few deserts--I have been bad this week but I couldn't resist the peach flan with chocolate pastry I ate last night.