Sunday, March 07, 2010

Rita Hayworth's Angel Food Cake

Hello Sailor!

Definitely feeling full of the joys of spring now that I have successfully made an Angel Food Cake. There is a picture of it on the flickr site - I personally have never seen anything like it!

The secret is obviously all in the whipping. Last time I tried to whip the egg whites with one of those soup mulchers but it just didn't work. Has to be the old fashioned egg beater for sure.

Lord knows how I'll get it into work tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Are all the recipes you are commenting on here going to be included in your book?


Lya de Putti said...

Hi there - we are working on the idea of there being between 50 and 60 recipes in the book. We are testing everything ourselves and lovely folk from all around the world are testing too. We want all of the recipes to be cookable and edible! Not the case with every recepe we have tried for sure! If you'd like to test something for us just drop me an email at - x