Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sonja Henie's Scandanavian Cookies

Oh what a night! As is my custom I rushed home tonight in order to be stationed by the stove in time to listen to Desmond Carrington's amazing Tuesday night radio show on R2. It's a weird and wonderful thing that this show links me to my ex flatmates Ginger and Grace every single week. We all loved his crazy combinations of music (tonight a brilliant rendition of 1930s showtune "Pettin' in the Park" followed by Take That's cover version of "How Deep is Your Love") and whenever I listen to it my thoughts turn to the fabulous two years we had living together in Walthamstow.

A BARRAGE of texts and phone calls were launched upon the ether when Desmond mentioned that his show was being moved to Friday night. What the *&%?! I stay in every Tuesday to listen to his show. It is tradition. I do not wish to listen to his replacement Jamie Cullen. There is NO WAY Cullen is going to play curve balls like Hawaii 5-0 followed by some nutty novelty song featuring Ziggy Talent singing "Maharajah of Mogator". Grr. Ginger and I were very cross.

And then Desmond had to seal the deal by ending his show by playing "one of his favourite singers" Sandy Denny and the SUBLIME "Who Knows Where the Time Goes?" Not only the metaphorical question we ALL might all be asking ourselves (where the hell DOES it go?) but also the signature tune of the Cotter Offord Project.

I remember many occasions cooking in the kitchen of 43 St Johns Road hearing Jack and Grace rehearsing this song and how I loved it so. That was a beautiful time and although I had planned to cook some of Sonja's Cookies tonight, I think I may just retire to the electric blanket and have a big blub!

For all my readers who have never experienced the absolute joy that is Desmond's show - it's available on "listen again" for the next week - wherever you are in the world. I highly recommend setting aside an hour to listen to this - he was on FIRE tonight with his crazy combinations and banter - I just don't think that the vibe will be the same on a Friday night - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00r332w#segments - a whole hour of genius. We have him to ourselves on Tuesdays 7pm - 8pm until Easter my lovelies.

The Gloria Swanson Frock competition runs for the whole month of March - please enter - it's free and fun. I am loving getting messages popping into my in-box from all around the world about which fruit Gloria carried in her handbag. Raspberries? Grapefruits? Pomegranates - or something else entirely? Guess away... See the next post down...


Moya said...

What a shame--I've never heard it but it sounds lovely and it is horrible to have part of your routine moved around (especially a coveted part).

I screened Gold Diggers of 1933 a month ago--midterm papers are coming in on Thursday and it looks like the most popular film for people to write about. Petting in the Park is such a great number--and it has your girl, Joan Blondell doing her thing, not least in My Forgotten Man.

Last week was Becky Sharp--also fabulous (but alas no restored technicolor version available). This week--The Palm Beach Story.

Lya de Putti said...

i WANNA DO YOUR COURSE! I am soooo jealous. Gold Diggers of 1933 is my favourite film of all time. Love it.

Moya said...

It truly is a privilege to teach it--I only get to do it once every three or four years (Classical Hollywood is out of fashion with those in power in Film Studies--Asian cinema, globalization and new media are all they care about). But the students love it and I do too. It's so great to select fourteen weeks of films and clips to share with others.

I love Gold Diggers of 1933 too but it always makes me cry which is so embarrassing (I have to wait for credits to role and bite my lip).

I also screened the entire Continental number from the Gay Divorcee last week--it's no Busby Berkeley but it is fun.

I wish you were in the class!